May Veggie Home: Homemade Vegan Cuisine

May Veggie Home is a casual restaurant that prides itself on a fresh homemade vegan cuisine that is even loved by meat eaters. May, the owner, is very honest in disclosing that her meals are made with around 70% to 80% organic produce. As a chef, she always aims to acquire the best organic produce she can, but admits that in Thailand, it is difficult for her to procure these items consistently, and that many producers claiming to be organic, are not always so. Thanks for being honest, May! And perhaps it was this openness and her great varied menu that resulted in a Certificate of Excellence Award in 2015 from TripAdvisor.

May Veggie Home has a very complete menu with many raw and cooked mock Thai dishes as well as other creative options. Meat eaters will certainly enjoy the Grilled Vegetarian Bacon (149 Thb). The Plah Tuna (179Thb), the Gyoza (129), all the salads, and both the Pad Thai versions (99 Thb and 129 Thb) are a few of my personal always-go-to-meals, and then I choose something surprising. There are also various raw options and drinks for all you raw foodies. May also provides delicious vegan ice-cream made with coconut oil from CocoMuch for dessert, but its equally great as an afternoon snack, and especially with the kids on a hot day.

Look out for May’s new menu items coming out sometime after the Songkran holiday:

  • Vegan Avocado Lava Maki Sushi (made from 5 types of organic rice from Chiang Mai)
  • Vegan Rice and Grains Sushi (a DIY dish where the client chooses the vegetables that will fill the sushi roll)
  • Vegan Dry Noodle & Wonton with Red Sauce (a mock version of the actual meat dish)


Pornnapat Lawasut, or May as she is best known, is a chef.  She started out in a small mall in Thonglor running a book store and eventually cooking in a small stall nearby. It was this experience that lead this meat eater to become a confirmed vegetarian. One day, a client asked May if she could make a vegetarian version of a popular Thai dish. Her first reaction was quite simply, “Why?”  She understood that many Thais followed vegetarianism during Thai Buddhist holidays, but had no idea why anyone would actually choose to be vegetarian outside of these times.  Nonetheless, she cooked her first vegetarian meal, and she was hooked! It was the first time that May realized how much she actually loved cooking, but disliked handling, cutting and smelling meat. Six months later, her restaurant May Veggie Home was opened within walking distance of the Thonglor BTS station. That was in 2013. And in 2014, she moved her location from Thonglor to within walking distance of the Asoke BTS station. When I asked May what motivated her most in this business, she responded that she hoped that she could convert meat eaters like herself to no longer eat meat. But she personally understood what it took for her to make the change. So, although she had initially intended to only cook great vegetable dishes, she knew that many meat eaters like herself would not make such a leap of faith without the aid of mock meats. And her menu was born: raw food dishes as well as raw and cooked vegetable dishes with and without mock meats. The inspiration for her menu, which she alone created, came from scanning the internet for great meat dishes that she could replicate in a vegan version. May estimates that around 60% of her clients are meat eaters, while the rest follow a plant-based diet. Around 80% are foreigners and the rest are Thais, although she wishes more of her countrymen and women would come into the vegan/vegetarian fold. One day, May! One day!


Address: 8/3 (Asoke-Sukhumvit Intersection, near Terminal 21 mall), Ratchadapisek Rd., Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110 Thailand (BTS Asoke)

Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm, daily

Contact: 02-118-2967, 097-2476925 (Thai), 089-0427215 (English)










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