Veganerie: Bangkok’s Vegan Bakery

The Veganerie proudly claims to be the first vegan bakery in Thailand: dairy-free, egg-free and even low-fat and cholesterol-free. There are also many gluten-free and allergen-free options. Although not organic, they claim that all their products are made from natural, chemical-free, plant-based ingredients when organic is not available.  In fact, the owners are very upfront about the fact that their products are approximately 60% organic, which in my opinion is a realistic assessment for most organic restaurants in Bangkok, due to what they claim is the difficultly in procuring truly certified organic products in Thailand currently.

The Veganerie boasts three great locations, but if you really want to eat a meal along with your dessert, I would highly recommend their new, beautiful location behind Benjasiri Park, next door to the Emporium mall. Take in a nice walk or play day with the kids in the park and then head over to the Veganerie Concept for a healthy and yummy lunch, dinner or even a snack. As they have installed electrical plugs at each table, why not an afternoon of work on your personal computer? You can even get in some organic shopping at the market next door. And who knows, for those of you who are more spiritually orientated, there may even be an interesting meditation seminar with a Thai monk happening that day at the World Fellowship of Buddhists across the way.

Their best sellers are the Vegan Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich (310 Thb) and the Vegan BLT (290 Thb), something adults and kids alike will surely enjoy. As for you raw foodies, there is a vegan Papaya Salad at 150 Thb. You may also enjoy a Raw Vegan Snow Ball (raw rolled oats, banana, Thai coconut syrup, cashew nuts, and rice bran oil) for 55 Thb per piece. And as an extra perk to you beer and wine aficionados, although the Veganerie does not serve alcohol, they allow you to BYOB! So, Enjoy!

For those of us already well-versed in the vegan world, there are some truly delicious dessert options, like their chocolate cake (there is also a gluten-free option). The non-vegan consumer should however keep in mind that some of the offerings will taste unique as they are absent the white refined sugar and flour as well as all other artificial and processed ingredients that are normally present in desserts, and that our palates have become so accustomed to. For those of you giving vegan desserts a first go, you will not be disappointed with a sweet and delicious cinnamon roll that discreetly includes some nutritious flax seeds. If a healthy, vegan sweet treat is just what you are looking for, then the Veganerie is one of your best bets in Bangkok.


The owners of the Veganerie are a young pair of siblings: Napaphatsorn (Jah) and her brother Sittikhun Totienchai (John). After Jah very kindly offered to answer all my questions about the menu, I sat for a long time with John who is clearly a very passionate, self-proclaimed vegan-activist. In fact, his mother became a vegan 6 years ago after following a well-known Thai vegan activist. Jah followed a year later, and John a year after that. The whole family had come to the realization that animals lived a very sad life, and that they were part of this suffering. John explained that in his moment of realization, he immediately became a vegan and decided that the best way to help this cause and inspire a vegan lifestyle was through food. And so, in October of 2014, their first vegan bakery branch opened in the Chitlom area, and in February 2016, the primarily desserts concept was expanded to the Veganerie Concept. Jah and John believe that the Veganerie will hopefully play a great part in encouraging and converting people toward a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. With this goal in mind, they have outlined a very clear professional goal and path for themselves: franchising the Veganerie Concept worldwide. However, before you smooth, financially secure entrepreneurs get too excited about this business opportunity, Jah and John do have a non-negotiable requirement before they will consider you: a serious commitment to veganism.



  • Ground Floor of the Emquartier mall (Take-Home Zone only) (BTS Phrong Phong)
  • Fourth Floor of the Mercury Ville Building at Chitlom (a small Dessert Cafe with coffee, smoothies, drinks, and desserts of course) (BTS Chitlom)
  • Veganerie Concept, Soi Methinivet, Sukhumvit Road, just behind Benjasiri Park, across the World Fellowship of Buddhists and next door an organic market, (All-Day Eatery & Cafe) (BTS Phrong Phong)

Hours: 10am to 10pm, daily

Contact: Veganerie Concept: 02-258-8489

Veganerie Facebook page:





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