iTube: A Very Cool Dog Pool

The iTube saline swimming pool is a true respite from the hot Thai heat for your precious, furry companion. When pronounced in Thai, iTube is the slang word for dog. And this 4×8 x 1.2 meters deep dog pool is located in a peaceful, cut-de-sac, on a side street off Soi Sukhumvit 39. You may choose to stay with your dog or leave your pet in the care of the on-site staff that will ensure your pets every needs, be it a little R&R or some good old-fashioned, fun playtime. Life jackets in all sizes are available, and a grooming session (shampoo and blow-dry) completes your dog’s day. All this is included in the price, but you will need to bring your own dog shampoo. Should you forget, no worries, a Thai herbal dog shampoo is available for sale (180 Thb) at iTube. And by the way, grooming is not taken out of your pet’s one-hour pool session time, so do calculate an extra 25-30 minutes for your precious angle to look and smell his or her best.

It is best to make a reservation, but you may also simply drop by and your dog will be accommodated if possible. There is a limit of 4 large dogs and 6-7 small/medium sized dogs at a time, assuming they are compatible. If your pet is feeling a bit grumpy that day or just prefers a bit of solitude, you may reserve the entire pool at no extra charge – just be sure to book in advance. And for those of you that may be concerned about the cleanliness of the water with so many dogs jumping in, there is no need to fear. The iTube pool boasts a no-chlorine, pure salt water experience with an automatic and continuous self-cleaning filter system.

A notable extra feature is iTube’s special Weight Loss and Rehab Program, for invalid and recovering dogs that need to build up some muscle strength. Both programs involve one-hour sessions with four 15 minute interval stationary swimming sessions. A small break is provided between each of these sessions, and is dependent upon the needs of your pet.

Pricing is as follows…

1 hour session 

400 Thb, small-medium dog

580 Thb, large dog

680 Thb, x-large dog

Do keep in mind however that no doggie care is offered so you will need to pick up your pet after his or her session. However, for those of you who would like to make an afternoon of it, you may jump in the pool with your pet; let the staff care for your pet and just relax on one of the outdoor lounge chairs and have a drink at the iTube Café; get your hair done at the Japanese hair salon on the premises; or walk across the street to Ramayana’s for a great raw food lunch, yoga/pilates session, or an amazing detox session. And, best of all, why not treat your dog to a great doggie birthday party at iTube!

Last, but not least, Hometel is the small Bed & Breakfast located above the dog pool that is run by the same owner. Pets are allowed in the rooms with you so, for those of you non-Bangkok residents, why not make a weekend of it?


Jotima Jotibundhit (Tooey) is the creator and owner of iTube, which opened in October of 2015. The concept came about when her golden retriever had hip dysplasia, but it was too old for an operation. The veterinarian told Jotima that her dog would need to build up its leg muscles that had atrophied and, to do so, the dog would need to swim for at least 15 minutes per day, everyday. But, there were no pools in Bangkok that would allow a pet. So Jotima, or Tooey as she is best known, thought that if she and her dog were facing this problem, there were certainly others. Tooey saw this moment as a joyous opportunity and, at the same time, somewhat her calling to help others in the same situation as her. So she quit her job in the corporate world as a fund manager, something she was becoming quite disenchanted with anyways, and got to business. As her family had a house available for use, she took possession of it and had a special saline water dog pool built into the back yard. And, while doing this initially for the love of her pet, it now allows her to share this love with many other pets and their owners.


Address: 25 Soi Phrom Mit (1) Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand (BTS: Phrom Phong)

Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm, Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays)


iTube: 02-258-4736

Hometel Bed & Breakfast: 02-258-4749/50; Mobile: 081-841-8579, 081-374-3377

(Japanese): 081-841-8582

iTube Facebook page: (in Thai, with lots of fun photos):






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