Le Sens: All About Mommy and Baby

Le Sens, located at the EmQuartier mall, describes itself, and rightly so, as the ultimate health and beauty family spa destination that especially cares for mommies and babies. It is serviced by a team of certified dermatologists and well-trained health and beauty professionals. Le Sens sources only the safest and the best quality products from around the world such as the luxury brand Bamford – ecologically manufactured, organic, biodegradable, and recyclable – which they use for all their baby services; and Piggy Paint, a  natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly nail polish for kids. Similarly, Le Sens carefully selects highly qualified personnel that have been trained in their particular field, as in the massage techniques from the Bamford spas in the United Kingdom. All this is of course very important for a pregnant mother as well as mothers with young infants.

Le Sens provides wonderful body massages and facials for men and women but its their mothers and kids services that really make this spa really stand apart from the rest of the many others in Thailand. There is the Bamford private one-on-one Pregnancy/Post Pregnancy Yoga (60 minutes, 1,900B and 6,500B for 4 sessions, with a complimentary pregnancy massage, 60 minutes); Bamford Massage Therapy For Younger Children Aged 6+ (30 minutes, 1,900 Thb); Baby Hydrotherapy (30 minutes, 1,900 Thb); Baby Massage (30 minutes, 1,900 Thb); and for your young princesses: Kids Manicure/Pedicure (45 minutes, 1,500 Thb) – a great birthday treat! Le Sense also offers private physical fitness options for the family: Kids Yoga (four 60-minute sessions, 5,000 Thb); Family Yoga (four 60-minute sessions, 14,000 Thb); and Pregnancy / Post Pregnancy Yoga (four 60-minute sessions, 5,000 Thb). However, Le Sense is renovating soon and some of the baby services will be suspended in the meantime, so it is best to call in advance.

To take advantage of the ongoing special promotions at Le Sens, visit their News & Promos page at http://lesensth.com/newsandpromo/.


Yada Saengtananiramit is the creator and owner of Le Sens which opened on March 27, 2015, at the EmQuartier mall. Yada’s venture into the health industry began when she had a baby. She was working as a marketing executive in the cosmetics industry, and her typical day started at 9am and often ended at around midnight. She ate whatever was available at the office or at the local Starbucks, even though she suffered for years from various food allergies, and never exercised. So when she had to carry her baby around, Yada discovered that her muscles were so weakened that the extra weight created serious back problems for her. These back problems then required either medication, which she chose not to do as she was breast feeding, or rehabilitation therapy, which she immediately commenced but couldn’t manage as it took too much time from her busy schedule. Fortunately, one day a friend of hers recommended yoga as an alternative therapy for her back problems. Yada then found an instructor who provided private lessons three days a week at her home. The result? She didn’t need the rehabilitation program any longer. From this moment onwards, Yada made the conscious choice to prioritize her life and that meant resigning from her hectic job, eating healthy food, exercising, and spending time with her family. And life brought her just what she needed in that moment. A friend of hers from high school had space at the EmQuartier mall and was looking for a good concept, something Yada had: a place where everyone in the family could go to, to get healthy. And so she began her research into the best products available. She wanted to include Thai organic products, but discovered that many of the products claiming to be organic were not, and even if they were, they were not of very good quality. She eventually found Bamford, a British company known for their guaranteed, certified organic products and quality training programs for staff members. Yada was convinced, and the Bamford training team flew out to train the newly formed Le Sens staff. Eventually, Yada sees herself expanding the concept to local hospitals and hotels, so if you are an entrepreneur who is interested, don’t hesitate to contact Yada. Yada may not be entirely vegan, but she does admit that each year her habits become healthier and healthier, and as a result, so do her annual check-ups as revealed in her yearly diagnostics. In my opinion, Yada is just getting better and better, in every way.


Address: EmQuartier mall, the Helix Building, Floor 4 (adjacent to Benjasiri Park) Bangkok, Thailand (BTS: Phrom Phong)

Hours: 10:00am to 8:30pm, daily

Contact: 02-003-6185; Mobile: 094-674-9999

Website: http://lesensth.com/




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