Sunshine Market: The Little Clean, Green Place to Shop

I was delighted the day the Sunshine Market opened their doors in Bangkok. Finally, a place where I could find the organic products that I was previously unable to. It is truly a little ray of sunshine that provides many organic and environmentally-friendly skin, hair, and home care products as well as wholesome, nutritious, sustainable and organic foods. The Sunshine Market also boasts some truly unique, delicious bakery and raw food items.

Here are some all-around favorite natural and organic products for all you confirmed environmentally/health conscious consumers, which you can regularly find at the Sunshine Market or that you may purchase through their online store (the prices below reflect online prices, which are a little higher due to delivery charges):


Bob’s Red Mill

Kiss My Face

There is also a great range of the organic brand Yogi Tea for detox, increased energy or memory, a good night’s sleep, and many others. The Morlife Organic Black Cohosh Root tea (345 Thb) is great for women in particular as it helps alleviate PMS and Menopause.

There are too many really wonderful, useful products to cover here, but do check out their online store at


The Sunshine Market is owned by Premrattana Srichawla and her two nieces. It was created on March 2, 2012 and by the owner’s own admission, started very slowly, with a small number of products.

We can all thank Prem’s son for the concept of the Sunshine Market because it was the day Prem gave birth to him that she became intensely conscious of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. She wanted the best for her baby, as would any mother, so Prem got online immediately trying to inform herself on the best baby foods available for her child. She landed on Ruth Yaron’s website and downloaded her e-book on healthy and organic baby nutrition, which she then began to follow. When she cooked for the baby, the family also began eating the same healthy meals. Little by little, when vaccination time came around for her son, she learned more about pharmaceuticals; something she realized she needed to move away from and commenced a path towards homeopathy and natural herbs after googling and visiting The Fountain Centre in Sydney, Australia. Debbie, the owner of the center and Penny, also from the center but who now consults out of a small office at the Sunshine Market, were of great assistance to her son when he became ill. And when other members of her family became ill, Prem flew Debby and Penny to her home in Bangkok for treatments. This went on for about 5 years until Prem decided that there was clearly a market for natural treatments and natural products. And that was when the Sunshine Market was born. Sandi, a naturopathic practitioner and holistic nutritionist, was the first to work for Prem, and she was instrumental in helping her select the products that would eventually be stocked in the shop – and excellent, good quality products is what Prem has based this market on. Don’t ask Prem to open up more shops in the city however, she is not interested in doing so at present, although one never knows what the future might bring. She is most interested in continuing as a distributor of organic health products, and consulting other would-be health shop owners on the do’s and dont’s of this industry, and educating their staff so that they can provide proper knowledgeable product advice to clients. Currently, she is working with Villa Market, in four of their flag locations (Nichada, K-Village, Soi 33, and Thong Lo), where she will be selecting and providing the products that will now be sold in their organic health sections.


Address: 261/1 Sukhumvit soi 31, North Klongtan, Wattana Bangkok 10110

Hours: 8:30am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays)

Contact: 662-258-4586













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