50 Famous Vegetarians: Their Thoughts and Reasons for Doing So

I thought that some of you might enjoy this article I found on ProCon.org, entitled 50 Famous Vegetarians. And by vegetarian – for those of you who may not be sure of what this means exactly, they are referring to people who refrain from eating animals and sometimes other animal products, very often for moral, religious, or health reasons. I clarify this because I still find “vegetarian” recipes that include fish. Some individuals on the list are vegans, and that means they eat no animals,  dairy products, eggs, and all other animal-derived ingredients like honey, also very often for the same reasons. Even for those of you who are confirmed vegans/vegetarians, you may be surprised to find who is on this list, like Christine Lagarde, Rosa Parks, Benjamin Franklin, Prince, Thomas Alva Edison, Dennis Kucinich, Coretta Scott King, and Leonardo da Vinci, among many others.

Thank you ProCon for this very interesting article. To read all about the 50 people on the list, and their thoughts on and reasons why they became vegan/vegetarian, visit ProCom at http://vegetarian.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=004527.








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