Welcome to Green Glamour Grace!

A site that is for all of you who are seeking a green & glamorous lifestyle in Thailand.

My two long-term passions in life have been sustainability and politics: a plant-based diet and sustainable practitioner since the time I moved away for college, and a degree in international politics with work experience for a number of foreign embassies in charge of legislative and international issues.  Although this blog may not change policy decisions, I do hope that the information communicated here will inspire and activate a greener way of living for many of you just thinking about it, and those of you already well-versed in the social, environmental, and economic benefits of a sustainable lifestyle, and attempting to continue to do so.

The inspiration behind this blog is twofold: First, sustainable is still often equated to unglamorous; and second, living a sustainable lifestyle can be challenging when travelling or living abroad.  To the first point, thankfully, times have changed and the days of sustainable offerings as what many have been referred to as dull and overly simplistic are being increasingly replaced with many more glamorous choices, as I hope you will come to see through this blog.  And as for the second, although this blog will be limited in its scope, I will do my utmost to share, bit by bit, everything I can to assist all of you in Thailand with your green and glamorous lifestyles!




If you have any inquiries, great people or places you would like me to write about, or just a thought or two, please send me a note – I´d love to hear from you!

You may also email me: greenglamourgrace@gmail.com